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OPI Automatic Fluid Dispenser 8oz AC310

OPI Automatic Fluid Dispenser 8oz AC310


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Automatic Fluid Dispenser Capacity 8oz/ 240mL
Protects purity: Fluid rerrains contamination-free since it is never exposed untied used. Hinged cover protects dispenser dish from airborne dust and bacteria.

Leaves one hand Free: No more on-handed bottle tipping to get fluid when other hand in busy. The OPI Dispenser is designed for efficient one-handed operation.

Saves Time: Get exactly the accurate of fluid you want in less than a second. No stopper to remove or replace. No need to touch the bottle.

Conserves Fluid: No evaccration, no spilling, no dripping seals contents in bottle. Pumps our no more than you want at one time/

DO NOT WIPE powder application brush on dispenser dish since this will lead to a gradual build up of acrylic on the dish and within the stainless steel pump.

Periodically flush pump with hot soap water to maintain trouble free continuous operation

When using PLEASE press down SLOWLY and fluid will come up GENTLY.
With proper care this product is designed for many YEARS to use.

The OPI Automatic fluid Dispenser is ideal to use with L-2000 liquid, Nail Antiseptic "99", Acetone, Non-Acetone polish remover, and OPI Brush cleaner.