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CORDLESS UV LED Lamp, Rechargeable, 48 Watt 8891


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CORDLESS UV LED Lamp, Rechargeable, 48 Watt

30 pcs durable long-lasting light beads with a life span of 50000 hours nonstop.
Open design, more convenient for manicure and pedicure and easy to clean.
Five timers for ultimate nail dryer flexibility.
LCD display, clearly show the curing time.
Indicator light shows battery capacity clearly.
Special design for the thumb, easy to cure all the 5 fingers at once.
Infrared hand sensor, it turns on/off when hand/foot put in/off.
Cordless and rechargeable for convenient salon use or home 


Power: 48W
Color: White
Timing function:
Normal time:10s/30s/60s
Unique time: 60s high power mode and 99s low temperature mode
Size: 210x200x95mm
Plug type : US plug
Li-lon Battery: 3x2600mAh
Lifttime: 50000 hours
Charging Time: 3H(You can charging lamp when you use it.)
Working Time: 5-7H every time
Lamp type: LED+ UV lamp
Output: DC 21V
Input: DC 12.6V
Warranty 2 months from TD

Operation instruction:
1.Turn on the switch and the lamp begin to wait for work.
2.Automatic sensor mode: When put the hand inot the lamp, the nail lamp stars to work, and the time for putting the hand in the lamp is 99s
3.Manual selection mode: select the time you need, put it in hand.
4.Painless mode: select the 99- second keyless painting low temperature mode and put in your hand.
5.The new lamp must be charge before use. The lamp must be charge once a month.
6. The switch must be turned off each use up to ensure the battery life
7. If it not used more than 10 minutes in the on state. the lamp will enter the dormant state. Press the 99s button again to wake up.

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