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Nail Polish Diva : OPI Nail Polish

Every woman in the Do Right Services office has a huge collection of OPI nail polish.  This has resulted in a nick-name for us . . . OPI Nail Polish Divas.  Are you an OPI Nail Polish Diva?

Why choose Nail Polish Diva? 

  • The OPI nail polish we offer is made by OPI.
  • We offer English speaking customer service reps to help you with your order. 
  • We are located in the United States (specifically Louisiana). 
  • We ship our nail polish in a timely fashion. 

Why does Do Right Services sell OPI nail polish?  Well, to be honest with you, we wanted discounts.  OPI nail polish is very expensive when buying from the professional beauty supply stores or nail salons.  Heck, we even saw a USED bottle of Nail Polish for $6.99!  It was half gone!  So, we decided there were several individuals out there just like us that wanted the discounts and love the polish!