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OPI Gel Nail Polish

Finally, your favorite OPI nail polish colors in OPI gel nail polish colors. The OPI gel nail polish is in a UV-cured, soak off gel nail colors.

For nearly 20 years, OPI has led the nail polish color revolution with OPI nail polish. Now, OPI leads the gel nail polish revolution with the new Axxium Soak Off Gel Nail Polishes. This gel nail polish goes on like a nail polish, then you UV cure it for results that are nothing short of brilliant!!

Axxium Soak Off Gel Nail Polish is easy to apply and self-leveling for smooth, flawless results. The Axxium Soak Off OPI Gel Nail Polish is perfect for the busy professional woman. These OPI gel nail polish colors are great for any occasion that demands long lasting color with simple between service maintenance.

The OPI Gel Nail Polish will soak off in as little as 15 minutes. Remove all three layers, including the OPI soak off gel base completely in as little as 30 minutes.