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OPI Avojuice Lotions

OPI’s description of the OPI Avojuice Lotion line is that every bottle of OPI Avojuice Lotion is bursting with natural moisturizers to juice up your skin! Silky and “juicy”, OPI Avojuice Lotion treats your skin to a drink of smooth, rich moisturizers plus natural antioxidants, Vitamin C, soothing avocado and healing aloe extracts. Your skin will drink up the sunshiny fresh fragrance and all the refreshingly smooth goodness!

Here’s our take on the OPI Avojuice Lotions . . . all of the OPI Avojuice Lotions are thin and smooth. Put it on your hands, feet or all over your body. You aren’t going to feel like you just put on another layer of skin. The OPI Avojuice Lotions dry and absorb super quick. It’s not greasy and it gives your skin a nice level of hydration.

Years ago, we had a gentleman that bought this stuff from us on a constant basis. He loved it! He suffered from dry, flaky skin. He also had some spots of skin cancer. He said the reason why he liked the OPI lotion so much was because it didn’t feel greasy going on, dried quickly and actually worked. It made his skin look and FEEL so much better in such a short amount of time.