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OPI Discontinued Nail Polish Colors

Why do you see a bunch of OPI nail polish colors that are unavailable on this page?  It doesn't make any since to us as to why OPI would discontinue these fabulous colors . . . we scooped the OPI discontinued nail polish colors that we could find. We horde them here at our warehouse for you, but there were only so many that we could buy. Unlike others . . . we are not into jacking up the price just because they are discontinued . . . how fair is that???  If you have a favorite OPI color that has been discontinued, hopefully you will find it here. If not, you should be able to find a picture of the OPI nail polish color here to compare to the newer OPI nail polish colors.  OPI usually comes out with a close color to their discontinued colors.  You've just got to watch for them.  (Get on our mailing list.  We will email you when the new colors are available.)