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OPI got this one right!


How does someone have OPI nails after a baby?  When you have a new little one, you might as well give up on keeping a good manicure.  You are constantly washing dishes (washing hands), changing diapers (washing hands) and cleaning (more washing hands).  On top of that you don't really have TIME to go get a manicure or even do one at home!  Add a child with special needs and you have double that.  

A week ago I was able to give myself a home manicure for the first time in almost 2.5 years.  I did them just because I had a moment for the first time.  I kept thinking to myself "You know this is going to be off by morning."  

A week later . . . 

That's right!  The polish is STILL on and hardly chipped.  I'm as shocked at you.  I only have a few more minutes, so I will tell you what I used.  :)

OPI Infinite Shine Shine Primer, IST10

OPI Ski Slope Sweetie, HLE15 (Two coats . . . LOVE this color.  It has a gold shimmer to it.)

OPI Infinite Shine Top Coat, IST30

RapiDry Quick Drying Top Coat, NTT74  (That stuff is AWESOME.)

So yes, you can use the Infinite Shine top coat and base coat with the OPI regular polish.  It works.  AND I might be able to grow my nails out again.   ;)

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