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Nail Polish Diva- OPI Nail Polish

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OPI Nail Polish

OPI Nail Polish and more!

Most places that you find that sell OPI nail polish are either out of the country, sell fake OPI nail polish or do not speak English.  A good way to figure this out is to see if they offer a phone number on their site or just look at they way they write!


Every woman in the Do Right Services office has a huge collection of OPI nail polish.  This has resulted in a nick-name for us . . . OPI Nail Polish Divas.  Are you an OPI Nail Polish Diva?



Why choose Nail Polish Diva? 

  • The OPI nail polish we offer is made by OPI.

  • We offer English speaking customer service reps to help you with your order. 

  • We are located in the United States (specifically Louisiana). 

  • We ship our nail polish in a timely fashion. 

  • You can also get all of your favorite nail polish brands in one place.

Why does Do Right Services sell OPI nail polish?  Well, to be honest with you, we wanted discounts.  OPI nail polish is very expensive when buying from the professional beauty supply stores or nail salons.  Heck, we even saw a USED bottle of Nail Polish for $6.99!  It was half gone!  So, we decided there were several individuals out there just like us that wanted the discounts and love the polish! 

OPI Coca Cola Collection

The OPI Coca Cola Collection is OPIís version of happiness in a bottle. The OPI Coca Cola Collection includes nine OPI nail polish colors that represent the colors of the best-selling Coca Cola products. They are for those individuals that enjoy Coca Cola products ~ from classic and glamorous to hip and trendy. We believe that the OPI Coca Cola Collection includes some of the best summer colors. You are gonna love this one!



White Shatter

OPI White Shatter

OPI Shatter Collection

OPI Nail Polish

Item #:  E54

Price:  $6.99

SALE PRICE:  $3.50


Blue Shatter

OPI Blue Shatter

OPI Shatter Collection

OPI Nail Polish

Item #:  E56

Price:  $6.99

SALE PRICE:  $3.50


Turquoise Shatter

OPI Turquoise Shatter

OPI Shatter Collection

OPI Nail Polish

Item #:  E64

Price:  $6.99

SALE PRICE:  $3.50


OPI Nail Polish


OPI Bond Girls Collection

OPI Brazil Collection

OPI Brights Collection

OPI Classic Colors

OPI Coca Cola Collection

OPI Designer Collection

OPI Euro Centrale Collection

OPI Ford Mustang Collection

OPI Germany Collection

OPI Gwen Stefani Collection

OPI Holland Collection

OPI James Bond Collection

OPI Mariah Carey Collection

OPI Mariah Carey Holiday Collection

OPI Minnie Mouse Collection

OPI MLB Fashion Plate Collection

OPI Muppets Most Wanted Collection

OPI New York Ballet Collection

OPI Nicki Minaj Collection

OPI Neon Collection

OPI Oz Collection

OPI Pink of Hearts

OPI San Francisco Collection

OPI Shatter Collection

OPI Skyfall Collection

OPI Soft Shades

OPI Spiderman Collection

OPI Spotlight on Glitter Collection


OPI Gel Nail Polish

OPI Gel Nail Kits

OPI Gel Nail Polish

OPI Gel Nail Tools


OPI Designer

OPI Designer Collection


OPI Nail Treatments

OPI Nail Treatments

** NEW **

OPI Sheer Tints


OPI Manicure Pedicure

OPI Manicure Collection

OPI Pedicure Collection

OPI Manicure Pedicure Collection


OPI Lotions

OPI Avojuice Body Splash

OPI Avojuice Body Wash

OPI Avojuice Lotions

OPI Avoplex Skin Therapy Lotions


Sation Nail Polish


Sation Bold Collection

Sation Cream Collection

Sation Frost Collection

Sation Sheer Collection



Please allow 24 hours for processing.   We strive to ship products within 2 - 3 business days, however due to certain product availability,  please allow 1 - 2 weeks for delivery. Should you need your product shipped sooner, contact us via e-mail at Deadline for same day shipping is 11:00 am cst. You will receive tracking numbers via e-mail if e-mail address is provided.





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